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Detroit: rock city, motor town

In 1962 William J Hubbard married Barbara in Detroit MI. They had four sons: Bill (1963), Tom (1965), and two more.

The kids were all born in Rochester, NY where Dad worked at the telephone company. In 1972 they moved to Silver Creek, NY, and the kids learned to swim in Lake Erie.

In 1975 the family moved to Christiansburg, VA where Dad was the Assistant University Librarian for Virginia Tech. This house had a barn and was accross the street from a drive-in movie theater!

In 1980 they moved to a suburb of Richmond Virginia, and the kids all went to Midlothian Middle and High School. Dad was the Assistant Librarian at the Virginia State Library. Bill went to Hampden-Sydney College in 1981, Tom joined the US Naval Academy class of 1987 in 1983, and one went to The Virginia Military Institute in 1986.


Quote of the day:
Now these are the laws of the Navy, Unwritten and varied they be And he who is wise will observe them, Going down in his ship to the sea. -- 1st Law of the Navy, Adm. R. A. Hopwood, RN